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Product Description


Foaming Mirror and Glass Cleaner

Product Description

Clean with ease to a beautiful streak-free finish!  Suitable for use on all mirrors and glass, the Foaming Glass Cleaner is brilliantly easy to use, and becuase it foams, it clings - so no more chasing the drips down the window pane.  Polishes off easily with no effort, no streaks and no smears.




Usage & Advice

To use:  Shake the can, then spay onto the surface to be cleaned.  Use a clean, lint-free cloth to polish off. 


This product is great fun to use!  I felt like a grafitti artist, spraying all my windows - but I left everywhere looking better!  Such a pleasure to find a product that makes a chore like cleaning the windows quick, easy and fun!

This is very good for cleaning car wind-screens - no drips!  Makes an irritating job easy.


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No scrubbing required



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