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Product Description


Liquid Gold

Product Description

Liquid Gold - 'the original replique montre suisse and the best' - is a wood reviver, suitable for use on all natural finished woods.  Liquid Gold acts like a moisturiser for wood, bringing out the beauty of the natural grain, giving wood a beautiful lustre.  Liquid Gold will reduce the appearance of light scuffs and scratches, and it protects against warping, cracking and fading.



Usage & Advice

To use: pour onto a soft cloth and apply evenly across the surface of the wood to be treated.  Liquid Gold will lift off surface dirt and grease, so do not be alarmed if you see dirt appearing on your cloth!  If, 15 minutes after application, there is a little Liquid Gold left on the surface of the wood, that has not sunk in, buff it off with a clean cloth.   Liquid Gold may be used on your outdoor furniture to extend its life.


I was so glad to see Liquid Gold back on the shelves - it's a wonderful product that does exactly what it says it does - revives 'tired' looking wood.  My doors look like new again!


Other Information

Do not use on bleached or simulated woods, or on painted, waxed, synthetic (polyurethane) varnished woods, or on any laminated or deteriorated finishes.

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