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Product Description


Natural Bristle Radiator Cleaner

Product Description

Made from soft natural bristle this is the tradittional way to clean radiators.  Suitable for column, panel, lobed and ladder style radiators, this wooden handled brush is flexible enough to fit into the tightest places.  We warned:  if you haven't cleaned your radiators for a while, you might be horrified at how much dust you find!

Usage & Advice

To use, simply slide between the radiator and the wall and dust with a sweeping, side to side motion.  Slip the brush vertically down between radiator panels, or bend the brush to dust from the skirting board upwards.  The 70cm head is long enough to clean most radiators from top to bottom with ease.  Shake off excess dust directly over a bin or dustbin.

The natural bristle head may be washed from time to time in warm soapy water.  Rinse, shake to remove excess water and then hang up to air-dry.




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