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Product Description


Microfibre Radiator Cleaner

Product Description

Radiators are incredibly efficient dust traps - and so difficult to clean without a specialist tool!  This brush cleans panel style, column, lobed and ladder style radiators and towel rails with ease.

This duster head is made of thousands of looped microfibre threads which hold an incredible amount of dust.  With a flexible handle, the duster is slender enough to fit between the wall and the back of the radiator, tag heuer replica italia and it can be bent to shape to fit into more awkward spaces.

Usage & Advice

To use, simply slip between radiator and wall and brush with a sweeping motion to clear dust trapped behind the radiator.  Dip in between double panel radiators to clear dust lurking between the panels.   Shake off excess dust and cobwebs directly over a bin or dustbin.  If the head becomes very dusty or dirty, it may we washed in warm, soapy water, rinsed and shaken out, then left to air-dry.  Do not use a fabric conditioner when washing, as this will reduce the amount of dust the microfibre will be able to grab on to.




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