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Product Description


Microfibre Dusters

Product Description

Microfibre has a huge surface area at the microscopic level and is therefore brilliant at picking up dust.  These handy little microfibre dusters come in a pack of 2 with a handle.  The fluffy, washable heads are made up of thousands of looped microfibre threads - simply fit onto the pronged handle omega replica and get dusting!  You won't believe how much dust you'll pick up!

Usage & Advice

Insert handle prongs into the duster head, fluff out the fibres and start dusting.  When you have finished, shake excess dust off over a bin.  The head can be removed from the handle and washed from time to time.  For best results, hand-wash in a mild detergent, shake off excess water and leave to air-dry.  Do not use fabric softener on the heads.










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