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Mesh Filter Cleaner

Product Description

Cooker hoods containing extractor fans and filters are very popular and do a great job in keeping the kitchen from steaming up.  However, the filters through which the steam is extracted can become very clogged up with fat, grease, dust and dirt, and can become a fire-risk if blocked.  The metal mesh filters in cooker hoods are designed to be cleaned and reused, unlike carbon or plastic filters, and the Mesh Filter Cleaner is designed to make cleaning them easy!  Clean filters mean that your cooker hood works much more efficiently, replique tag heuer and it is recommended that they are cleaned every month.

Usage & Advice

Remove the mesh filters from the cooker hood and place in the sink.  Spray both sides evenly with the mesh filter cleaner - the bright colour marker foam makes it easy to see any areas you might have missed.  Leave for approximately 15 minutes, then rinse the meshes out under the hot tap to flush away the disolved grease and dirt. Dry filters thoroughly before replacing in the cooker hood.

Do not use on plastic or carbon filters!


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Time to work 10 minutes No scrubbing required



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