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Product Description


Glass Ceramic Hob Cleaner

Product Description

Glass and Ceramic hobs need a specialist cleaner as glass and glazed surfaces are extremely rough at a microscopic level and will really hold on to burnt on food and spills!  This powerful crean cleaner has fine particles to gently scrub away residue without scratching the hob, and will protect the hob with a fine, invisible layer that prevents new spills from clinging to the surface, making repeat cleaning easier replique montre suisse and much faster.  With food odour neutralisers to leave the hob as fresh as it is clean, this Glass & Ceramic Hob Cleaner will keep your hob looking like new.

Usage & Advice

To use, squeze a little onto the hob and spread with a slightly damp sponge or cloth.  Rub over areas of residue build up to remove them, then polish with a clean dry cloth or piece of kitchen towel for a gleaming clean finish.


Safe for sink disposal Fume free



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