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Product Description

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Cordless Warming Tray

Product Description

The Essentially Cuisine Cordless Warming Tray is a sleek, stylish food warmer that is equally at home on a buffet, or in the middle of the table.  Heat up for just 8 minutes then unplug, and the tray will stay hot, thanks to the high-quality warming stone at its orologi replica heart, which retains heat.  The tray can be left plugged in on a buffet if you wish - it will automatically keep topping up the heat.  The long, slim lines of this warming tray make it a good size for entertaining -  not too big to go on the middle of the table - but large enough to be extremely useful (30cm wide by 60cm long).  The brushed stainless steel finish give it contemporary good looks and is very durable.

Usage & Advice

Plug in, turn on and allow to heat up.  Place warmed food into warmed containers, and set on top of the warming tray.  If you wish to use the warming tray in the middle of a table, or away from an electrical output, warm up first for about 8-10 minutes, then unplug the cord from the body, and move to where you want it.  Be aware that the surface can get very hot and prevent children from touching it. 

When cleaning, use a damp soapy cloth to remove food residue - do not immerse the warming tray in water.  Do not use abrasive scourers on the surface as this may scratch.  Please be aware that if you are transferring very hot pans directly from the hob to the warming tray, you may get some 'scorch' marking on the stainless steel.  This is not a fault in the product, but is a normal feature of stainless steel.  This will not impair the food warming properties of the warming tray in any way.


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