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Product Description

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Dust Genie

Product Description

swiss replica watches  The Dust Genie generates its own static field which makes it very efficient at picking up dust.  The fluffy head may be bent over to make dusting the top of wardrobes or shelves easier.  The telescopic handle extends to 1.5 metres, giving you a good reach - more than enough to dust the top of light fittings or ceiling fans, breitling replika klockor and the Head

can be washed in lukewarm soapy water.  Just agitate in bubbles to shake the dust out, rinse gently replika patek philippe, shake to remove excess water and leave to dry naturally.

Usage & Advice

Pass the Dust Genie along the sufrace to be dusted, rotating slightly to maximise 'dust grab'.  Bend the wire gently to the required angle for easy cleaning of high flat surfaces (or for under pieces of furniture).  To extend the telescopic handle, twist to release orologi replica italia, pull out the handle to the required length and twist again to lock.


My friends bought me the Dust Genie as a joke when I bought my first flat.  I didn't use it for a year - until I had a ceiling taken down, and needed to do some major dusting. I couldn't believe how good it was.  Now, if any of my friends moves house, I give them a dust genie as a house-warming present too - with the advice

that they actually use it!




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