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Product Description

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Tile Cleaner

Product Description

Tiled surfaces are usually in damp, hard-working areas where product residues can build up - soaps, shampoos, shower gels and spray deodorants will dull the shine on bathroom tiles, while water marks and scale can appear in the kitchen too, along with food splatters behind the hob.  Tiles need an abrasive cleaning pad to remove this build-up quickly and easily as the tile surface is rough at a microscopic level, and will cling on to soap scum and grime ! 

The Home Valet Tile cleaner has an extending handle to make cleaning those hard-to-reach areas easy.  The head swivels and rotates to work easily around taps and into corners, while the cleaning pad is reversible - the abrasive side for cleaning, the soft side for rinsing/polishing.

Usage & Advice

The Tile Cleaner works best with a cream cleanser.  Dampen the sponge, apply your favourite detergent to it, and start scrubbing!  The rough surface cuts through built-up residues.  Rinse off.  For maximum shine, remove the pad, rinse it and squeeze out excess water, then replace on the tile cleaner with the soft side out.  Polish any water marks off your newly cleaned tiles.


I purchased a tile mop from QVC and wanted to tell you how fabulous it is.  I have approximately 3,500 tiles in 2 fully tiled bathrooms, kitchen, utility room ensuite toilet, and as I progressed I also cleaned 16 windows, appliances, cupboard doors and ceilings with it.  I love my little mop.  I use it every day - it really is a little gem.

I am only five foot tall, and have never been able to clean the tiles in my shower properly - but I can now.  What a good idea!

I thought I'd let you know that your HV Tile Cleaner is a great piece of equipment.  I bought a pair of them for the kids to when we drained the swimming pool.  They made swift work of one of those jobs you don't want to do too often!

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I have a bad back and can't bend over easily.  I find that your tile cleaner is very useful for cleaning out the bath. 




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