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Product Description

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3.5mt Window Cleaner

Product Description

This window cleaner is perfect for cleaning conservatories, high windows and skylights from the safety of the ground.  The head is fully positionable and the cover is removeable and machine washable.  The lightweight pole extends to 3.5 metres - giving the average sized person a reach of over 4.5 metres!  The head can be uncrewed from the long extending handle to be used as a hand tool either in the home or on your car.  This is an incredibly useful item, very easy to use and extremely popular with men.  One of those tools that works brilliantly.

Usage & Advice

To use, adjust the angle of the head with the simple screw release mechanism, immerse the head in soapy water, shake of the excess and apply the window to be cleaned.  Once the surface of the window is covered, flip the head over and use the squeegee to remove the suds and any excess water, giving a professional, streak-free finish.  Dirty cleaning pads can be washed either by hand or in the washing machine.


This is a great little product - perfect for cleaning a high, difficult to reach window in my home.  I was so pleased with it, I cleaned all my neighbours' high windows as well!

What a great product. we have a upvc conservatory with a very high ridge and a glass roof. During the recent very cold weather we suffered from condesation inside the room in the roof. Spots of mould started to form on the glass and upvc roof bars, your tool proved fantastic at easily removing both the mould and condensation from the ground. To improve its suction i simply placed an old face flannel on your pad.   Neil Hamilton, 16.01.2011. replica watches






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