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Product Description

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Ultra Sweep Broom

Product Description

The Ultrasweep broom is a heavy-duty general purpose broom, suitable for indoor and out.  The 60cm / 24" head contains both hard and soft bristles, for efficient movement of dirt, and good dust-trapping capabilities.  If you flip head over, there is a rubber squeegee on the back of the broom head, which is designed for moving water off wet floors or decking.  With a soft grip handle and 1.6m pole, the Ultrasweep is one of those well-thought out brooms that you come to rely on. swiss replica watches

Usage & Advice

To ensure your Ultra Sweep provides you with lasting service, please follow some basic care instructions:

  • Always clean excess dust/dirt from your brush after use, shake out over a bin or dust bin.
  • You may also wash the broom head if it gets particularly dirty.  Agitate in warm soapy water, rinse under running water, shake off excess water and leave to air-dry.
  • The Ultra Sweep should be stored handle end down/head upright to protect the soft and firm bristles




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