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Product Description

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Product Description

The Home Valet Multi-Hanger is one of those products that turn out to be more useful than you'd ever imagine!  Not only is it the perfect assistant when ironing clothes - far better than hanging newly ironed shirts on wardrobe handles or over the back of the door, it is also a convient spare pair of hands when you are organising clothes to pack for holiday, acts as an airer/dryer either indoors or out for wet clothes, can become your temporary wardrobe on a camping holiday or makes a practical coat-hanger for guests.   Fully loaded it can take up to 33 hangers and 18 kilos of weight, but it is only 65cm wide which makes it extremely space-efficient.

Usage & Advice

To put the Multi-Hanger together, push in the grey button on the base and push the legs down and out until they are wide and stable.  Fit the top of the Multi-Hanger into the base and twist to lock in place.  Push in the grey button on the top part of the Multi-Hanger and extend the arms - either all three, or one or two as needed.  If you want to take the Multi-Hanger apart again, push in the grey button on the top and return the arms to the closed position.  Twist the top to disengage from the base and set aside.  To close the feet, again,


press the grey button and slide feet into the closed position.  Don't try and force the arms and  klockor kopior feet without pushing in the grey buttons!


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