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Product Description

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Microfibre Blind Cleaner

Product Description

This flexible trio of cleaning blades makes cleaning venetian and slat binds easy.  The microfibre oversleeve really grabs onto dust, and prevents it being dusted into the air - just to settle straight back on the blinds again.  The sleeve is machine washable, and the pack includes a spare sleeve. 

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Usage & Advice

For dusting venetian blinds, let them down to their full length and adjust so that the slats are horizontal.  Run the 'fingers' along the slats to remove the dust.  Squeeze gently to ensure the microfibre dust sleeve is in good contact.  Shake off excess dust from the oversleeve periodically to ensure that you don't transfer dust back onto the slats.  Work from top to bottom.

In bathrooms, where the humidity and the residue from aerosol spray can cause dust to really 'cling', the oversleeve can be dampened slightly .  Dip it into warm water with a touch of detergent added to really power through clinging dust.   Work from top to bottom, rinsing off the dust periodically.

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The blind cleaner can also be used for cleaning ladder style radiators or towel rails in bathrooms - thanks to Lisa Chernoff in Scotland for this top tip!


This is such a simple idea, but it works so well.  Much better than using a normal cloth duster, or even one of those fluffy dusters.  I bought some for my sisters and my mum!  Suddenly cleaning the blinds is much less of a chore.

The blind cleaner is great, with 3 prongs, it cleans really dusty blinds quickly and the spare duster head is a great idea for when the other is in the wash (my blinds were very dusty!). Vikki Hagger, Suffolk




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