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Product Description

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Waxed Professional Floor Duster

Product Description
  • For cleaning, dusting and polishing floors
  • Bendable ends clean skirting boards
  • Suitable for laminate, wood or tiled floors
  • Waxed cotton fibres lift dust like a magnet
  • Large removable washable dusting mop
  • Telescopic handle
  • Recommended by 'The British Allergy Foundation'

Usage & Advice
  • Use a normal 'mopping'  action to pick up dust
  • No pressure is required. After use, shake out excess dust outside or into a suitable container
  • Any remaining dust will stay locked in the duster. The wax treatment in the duster holds it there. replica watches
  • The wax treatment is permanent and designed to attract dust.
  • The cotton head can be removed by opening the Velcro straps and carefully peeling the mop from the framework.
  • Cleaning: Hand wash the mop in cold water with detergent, air dry.


A friend purchased one of these for me as a Christmas Gift.  It is fantastic. It has saved me so much time and effort on my wooden floors.  (Mrs S E Fowler, East Tilbury)

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